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Buddy List

Congratulations on taking on the very important role in the PTA for your school unit.  The Delta Council has a nearly full board this year and has already begun meeting and preparing for this coming year.  As your council leaders we are here to help and support your PTA unit, Executive Board, Association and school community as a whole.  One of the ways we do that is by matching up your school unit with a Delta Council board member or buddy.

Your council buddy should be your first point of contact should you or anyone on your board have any questions or concerns.  Do share your council buddy’s contact information with your entire board.  However, if a board member other than the president needs to contact the buddy please make sure they “cc” the unit president on the emails.

Your council buddy will do their best to reply to any calls or emails from you within 24hrs if not sooner.  If for some reason you don’t receive a reply within that 24 hour window please do your buddy the courtesy of sending a second message.  If you still don’t receive a reply or it is an urgent situation please contact the Delta Council President, Velma Wilson at





Vintage Parkway, Lone Tree, Oakley, Discovery Bay

Deer Valley, Dozier Libbey, O’Hara Park, Laurel, MNO Grant

Almond Grove, Dallas Ranch, MNO Grant, Turner, Timber Point

Mary Casey Black, Excelsior

Antioch, Garin, Iron HouseDelta Vista, Freedom, Sutter

Gehringer, John Muir, Park



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