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Historian Reports

Every PTA is required to prepare an Annual Historian Report. Information from these reports is compiled and forwarded to the California State PTA. Design and distribution of forms for the Annual Historian Report shall be the responsibility of the California State PTA.

Each historian, or someone designated by the president, shall prepare the Annual Historian Report. However, final responsibility remains with each president to see that the report is completed and submitted in accordance with due dates established by the California State PTA. Contact your council or district PTA for the due dates for reports.

Annual Unit Historian Report Forms

The Annual Unit Historian Report Form includes instructions to document pertinent information, volunteer hour totals, and brief descriptions about successful PTA program activities from July 1 and projected through June 30 of the following year. The California State PTA commissions and committees use the information as guidelines for review and revision of programs, publications, projects, and leadership training. The volunteer hour numbers are used to raise the awareness of legislators, school, and community personnel.

The volunteer hours must be totaled before the end of most school or PTA terms in order for the state office to process the information. Unit and council volunteers should be asked to project ahead and estimate as closely as possible the number of hours they will spend in PTA activities through June 30. Download the CAPTA Volunteer Tally Sheet.

The district PTA report is due in the California State PTA office no later than June 1 each year. Councils and units must set due dates to allow for adequate time for their reports to be received by the district PTA, in order that all hours may be tallied and totals submitted on the district PTA report.

Councils should attach one copy of each unit’s submitted report and send them to the district PTA, with the Annual Council Historian Report. Out-of-district units or out-of-council units should submit their reports through channels. District PTAs should send the collected information to meet the state due date and continue to collect any reports outstanding from as many units and councils as possible.

Council and district PTA Annual Historian Report Forms are available from the PTA District President.


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