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Membership Card Template

Membership envelopes are available now at a low-cost to local PTA units. Contact the VP of Membership at Delta Counctil to place your order today! Two options for membership card delivery:

Traditional card stock membership card option: This hard copy version can be mailed, given to the member at point-of-sale, or sent home to the member with their child. Card stock membership cards are available through your district PTA. To print member names on the card stock membership card, a downloadable Word template is available (Membership card template coming soon).

Digital membership card option: California State PTA is now offering the option to distribute digital membership cards to your members instead of paper cards. For the 2016-17 membership year, units can either distribute the paper membership cards, the new “e-cards” or a combination of the two. PTA unit leaders can customize and distribute e-cards to their members by email. Members can then save the image of their personalized e-card to their smartphone or tablet device and carry it with them, just as they would a traditional paper card. The digital cards do not need to be printed. Please contact your district PTA for more information.

Remind your members to create a “PTA Profile” to gain access to national membership resources and year-round savings from PTA member benefit providers.


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